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infographic heaven


Tonight is an evening of playing “catch-up” with my Google Reader. I’m coming across so many wonderful designs that my folder on my desktop labeled “designers/designs i like ” is increasing in over half of its size. This magazine, Intelligence in Lifestyle is an Italian magazine about passions and consumptions. It is the supplement to the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 ORE. The design takes inspiration from Swiss formalism, fashion magazines, and European periodicals from the 70s. I wish I could read Italian to understand the content of the magazine, but right now, I’ll just admire the wonderful design- LOOK AT THOSE INFO-GRAPHICS! Seriously, so beautiful.


magazine design: Monster Children

Monster Children: a culture/art/skateboard/surf/lifestyle magazine from Sydney.

I must say Monster Children is different than most magazines I have grown up reading.  Monster Children has gorgeous covers that represent more poster like design. When reading the magazine I feel more as if I’m reading a book. The pages are designed in long rectangular format. The designers use photography as a main aspect in the design layout. The information is personable while still being content.

magazine design: Real Simple

Real Simple is a magazine with very simple and minimalist design. The cover of this issue below uses many of the design principals.