a trip to the eye doctor

I would be overwhelmed with delight if I walked into my eye doctor’s office and saw this poster.

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grizzly bear

This makes me want to be a poster designer for bands now. Also, the color used is the exact same color we painted our living room.

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swiss air


jim coudal

“We’re of the school that if you have an idea that you think might work, the answer is not to talk about it for four weeks. The answer is to try it and see what happens,” he says. “If it goes down in flames, that’s fun too.”

– Jim Coudal, quoted from the article Eight Successful People Doing Exactly What They Want

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hows this for a cover

Beautiful use of white space, and I love the color palette.

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Information Graphics

Bar Chart

Fever Chart

Pie Chart




Locator Map

Statistical Map

Active News Map

Active Diagram

Passive Diagram

good layering, and the bad.

Layers are good, not only dealing with clothing. And on a day like today, layers would have been good to wear. I’m currently bundled in my favorite pair of plum pants, my light grey v-neck, my grandmother’s cardigan and a fall jacket. I’m sitting in my usual spot in the library (one the second floor, by the stairs) prime for people watching. As people walk in and out of the library, some have not layered well. Its a now crisp 45 degrees outside…the boy wearing shorts does not seem to happy. I on the other hand am quiet content. But, clothing here is besides the point as in my mind I make a connection with wearing layers with layers in a newspaper. Hence, my ramble above, but, thats just how my brain works when it is full of caffeine.

On to good layering in newspapers.

I love what this newspaper had done with their design- from their choice of typography to their color palette and layout. The main graph on the page is a good focal point and displays the information in a way that is pleasing to the eye. I might not necessarily care about all the figures or what the graph means, but my eye is drawn to it in the way it was designed.

What a beautiful front page design!

and then two newspaper front pages that did not do as well on layering with their design elements.

I thought it would be fun to go back and look at how my high school newspaper was doing.